• Basketball

    Basketball is a super fast game loaded with speed, agility, reaction, accuracy and aerobic fitness. Quick bursts, fast breaks, and drives to the net whether you're playing , a little 1-on-1, or a regular-season team game, your sport demands you to be on point at all times, to recover quickly, and to act and react quickly on the court. The SportSpeed Basketball Rating is a Sports IQ snapshot of your basketball athleticism. It is calculated from your scores on a battery of tests below that provides a window into the athleticism demanded by this sport. The SportSpeed test battery was created to help trainers, coaches and individuals monitor their sport specific training and progress with a practical performance profile and SWOT analysis.

    Mogal Jump

    Lane Agility

    20 Meter Sprint

    yo yo intermittent recovery test

    Vertical Jump

    Running Vertical Jump R + L