• Cricket Test protocol videos

    Think Don Bradman would cut it in today’s brand of cricket?

    Players need to be skilled in all 3 games; tests, 50 overs and twenty20. Successful cricket athletes know they have to train to be faster between wickets, quicker to the ball in the field, faster reaction times and supreme hand-eye
    coordination. Sportspeed has developed ways to enhance your game, we provide the training, the combine drills and expertise you need to elevate your cricketing athleticism. we don’t like cricket... no no ..we love it!

    The sportspeed cricket rating is a sports iq and snapshot of your cricket athleticism. It is calculated from your scores on a battery of tests below:

    yo yo intermittent recovery test

    Vertical Jump

    Rotation Powerball Throw @3kg

    Repeat Sprint Test 6 x 30m


    30 Meter Sprint