• Survival of the Fastest


    Think King Wally could dominate in todays brand of rugby?

  • Ruby League

    The action is faster, the hits are harder and the players are more powerful and explosive than at any other era. The need for faster, stronger, agile, explosive & super fast athletes is one of the top priorities for coaches.
    A solid speed and strength program will not only help in your performance, it will improve biomechanics and greatly reduce the risk of injury. We aim to build type 2 muscle fibres that will improve strength training and provides the combine drills, training and coaching to develop “shut the gate speed” and stay ahead of the competition. The SportSpeed Rugby Rating is a Sports IQ and snapshot of your rugby athleticism. It is calculated from your scores on a battery of tests below


    Rugby League Test protocol videos

    L Drill

    yo yo intermittent recovery test

    Vertical Jump

    Repeat Sprint Test 6 x 30m

    Backward Overhead Throw 3kg

    30 Meter Sprint