• School and Team Training



  • School and Team Training


    Our Group/Team Training is easily the most affordable and effective way to work closely with a coach and share the experience with a your team, friends or family.

    Our training sessions are designed to deliver a challenging workout that is sport specific, educational, progressive, and customised for entire sport teams, camps and squads that require game specific speed and agility training

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  •  Curved Tread










  • Curved Treadmill Training 

    We have been using curved treadmills FOR OVER 5 years to improve sport speed for athletes of all ages from Netball, Basketball, NRL, Rugby 7s, Track & Field, Touch Football, Soccer, AFL, Cricket and Surf Life Saving


    We have put together a 30 min intensive speed program designed to improve

    - off the mark speed,

    - top end speed,

    - speed endurance,

    - technique

    - Cardiovascular endurance

    -posture, balance and body control.

    - gait cycle

    - injury protection


    These programs will complement current S&C programs and gauranteed to improve overall athleticism for all sports.

    Curved Tread mill training enhances muscle engagement, particularly in the lower body, including the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves, due to the requirement of generating force to propel oneself forward on the curved angle.

    Thirdly, it promotes better running form and technique as users are encouraged to adopt proper posture, foot strike, and gait cycle, reducing the risk of injuries. It offers a lower-impact workout, reducing stress on joints and making it suitable for those with joint sensitivities or recovering from injuries.

    We have seen improvements across the board from youth athletes, players returning from injury all the way up to professionsla ranks.

  • One on One Coaching





  • One On One Coaching

    Getting personal training under expert guidance will give you a chance to reach your full potential.

    We identify your fitness needs and design training programs accordingly. If you would like to assess your sports performance then you can take the advantage of our sports performance assessment program and S.W.O.T analysis.











    Interval sessions focussing on sport specific movements covering all bases to create a fitter faster more dominant athlete

    Currently for juniors (8-12yrs)Coming soon high school (13-18yrs)

    Train Against the Grain soft sand functional open to all age groups

    Unlimited class packs available at discount cost


    Soft Sand Training










  • Soft Sand training is 1.4 times more energy demanding than training on other surfaces such as grass. Sand Training is an excellent way to stress the total body, especially the lower muscle groups. Adjusting to the soft unstable sandy surfaces forces you to switch on all receptors increasing muscle strength, balance and core strength.Improve your playing speed, speed endurance, protects you from injury and increases mental toughness.








    Pre-season and in season training








  • 4 Week On-line Micro-Cycle Programs

    The SportSpeed Training Program is a 4 week movement-based, sport-specific regimen that trains your whole body by developing the key trainable attributes of speed, power, agility, endurance, strength and flexibility that will help make you a more dominant player.

    IQ Sports Testing and Combines

    Complete team Strength and Conditioning packages available on enquiry. Our programs are all designed to be individualised, sport specific and provide every participant with the opportunity to build on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

    Why SportSpeed Performance?​

    Because we can help make your team become faster, stronger, and more explosive. We deliver proven programs and on going support for everyone, regardless of age, gender, skill level or athletic or fitness goals.

    Contact us on 0425 327 486

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  • Stairmetrics

    Our Stairmetrics Program is a great way to stress the total body, especially the lower extremities. The foot, knee, hips and muscles are all required to adjust to the changing levels and reach the top of the stairs using a combination of different movement patterns throughout.



    • Improves cardiovascular fitness
    • Improves your playing speed
    • Improves speed endurance 
    • Develops sprinting form and speed 
    • Maximum 45 minutes
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